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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Study at the Cutting Edge: Variations in Pediatric Surgical Procedures in the US

Photo by TPSDave via Pixabay
Surgery on children is done nationwide—but not always in a children’s hospital. Just what kinds of pediatric operations are occurring in adult general hospitals that also care for children and how different are they from ones performed in free-standing children’s hospitals? Does geographic region of the country determine who is doing what type of operation—be it a pediatric or general surgeon, and how might this influence outcomes as well as workforce distribution of pediatric surgeons and future trainees?  

Somme et al. (doi: peds.10.1542/2013-1243) share the output from a large pediatric database for patients under 18 years that allowed calculation of surgical frequencies for a myriad of different operations—in fact, there were more than 216,000 in the database for 2009. Barnhart et al. (doi: peds.10.1542/2013-3154), including Dr. Rebecka Meyers, a member of our editorial board, help shed some light on the findings in this study as they might affect surgical care to our patients. Make an incision into this study and commentary and learn more.