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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Strength Training: A Solution for Increasing Physical Activity

In this era of children being sedentary and thus overweight and obese, we can always be on the lookout for therapeutic solutions that result in increased fitness and better physical activity energy expenditure.

Photo by Eric McGregor, via Flickr
Meinhardt et al. (doi: peds.10.1542/2013-1343) offer a solution through strength training as a result of a randomized trial in which over a hundred school-age children were randomized to a 19 week twice-weekly strength training program versus routine physical education classes. Measures of physical activity energy expenditure were made at baseline, after 19 weeks of the intervention, and 3 months later.

You’ll get a boost out of the results, as will your patients, if you can interest them in strength training and the physical activity it requires. Exercise your mind as well as your body and find the strength to learn from this interesting study—and then see if strength training might be something your community can offer to your school-age patients.