Friday, October 2, 2015

You Asked for It! Implementing the Innovations in Pediatrics You Asked For

By: Lewis First, MD, MS; Editor-in-Chief        

          One of the highlights of being an editor is hearing from readers on a regular basis, and over the six years since I have been at the helm, it is common for readers to say things like “why can’t the journal give me just what I need rather than have to search each issue for articles that are of relevance to what I do” or “I didn’t even realize the print edition only has half the published articles of each issue.”  We see millions of readers accessing our journal online only versus the thousands of subscribers who get the print version.   
     We also see the incredible advances in online journal technology enabling us to offer multimedia innovations and further speed up how studies are shared with you. For all these reasons and more, beginning this fall and going into 2016, we are changing how we share articles and studies with you—making the journal easier to access for your needs, and at the same time changing what the online and print edition of the journal will contain and look like going forward.  In a commentary written by our senior editorial team (doi: 10.1542/peds.2015-2877), we introduce the “Gateway”—a new platform that will enable you to manage Pediatrics so it works for you uniquely whether you want to peruse an entire issue or just articles that are of important to what you do.  We also alert you to the fact that as of January, the print edition will consist of all one page abstracts for research articles in the journal and all AAP policies with full-text but no longer will full regular articles or other features appear in print.  
      Instead, all full text articles and non-policy features (as well as all policies too) will appear on the online edition of each journal.  This comes as a result of the input from AAP members.  Having an online network for the journal will also enable us to release new studies daily rather than weekly and bring you linkage to all other AAP journals and newsletters you subscribe to.  Please read the commentary, then use the Gateway to access the journal and manage how you want to personalize each issue when the new platform debuts in October. Please send us your feedback through our Contact Us Form.

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