Monday, December 29, 2014

The New Year Brings New Changes to Pediatrics

There has not been a year since becoming editor-in-chief that Pediatrics has not introduced changes in our journal to further its mission to provide valid and reliable information that will lead to better health outcomes for children—and this year is no exception.

Beginning with the January issue, our editorial board is delighted to welcome some new features into Pediatrics as well as some production changes to enhance the readability of our journal.

These are described in a Commentary (doi: 10.1542/peds.2014-3421) we are releasing online. New features include two new columns—one written and peer-reviewed by trainees through the AAP’s Section on Medical Students, Residents and Fellows in Training (SOMSRFT) and the other entitled: “Diagnostic Dilemmas and Clinical Reasoning” offers you a chance to work through a clinical situation with input from a variety of experts with the hope you can solve the case before those experts do.

From a production standpoint, beginning in January, we introduce a new interior design with cleaner, more open pages and a new font to make the journal even easier to read.

And if you are a social media user, we have changes planned for how we use our Facebook and Twitter sites that we highlight in the Commentary.

Our recent reader survey suggested that readers want even quicker access to new studies via print, web, and mobile devices. And our plans for the upcoming year may mean big changes for our print version as well as easier and more rapidly published access to studies and articles with whatever technology you have.

I could go on, but instead, I encourage you to read the commentary, check out the new features and changes and tell us what you think by responding to this blog, sending us an e-letter or posting a comment on our Facebook or Twitter sites.

Pediatrics belongs to all of us vested in child health—so thanks for the ongoing feedback as we continuously strive to improve the health of the young patients we care for.

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