Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Improving Asthma Care for At-Risk Teens

Deputy Editor Dr. Alex Kemper offers a preview of a Quality Report being early released this week from our February issue:

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We all know that asthma is a common chronic illness that affects an estimated 7 million U.S. children. We also know that there are many adolescents, especially at-risk teens living in cities, whose asthma, despite our best efforts, is under poor control. From previous research, we know that by engaging adolescents to participate in self-management and coordinating community health resources, outcomes can be significantly improved. Is that possible in the “real world”?

Read the Quality Report by Dr. Britto and colleagues (doi: 10.1542/ peds.2013-0684) to find out! They implemented interventions for their patients guided by the Chronic Care Model focused on standardized and evidence-based care in an approach that emphasized care coordination and active outreach, self-management support, and community connections.

Could you replicate this in your community? Are the resources available? What would need to change? Participate in the conversation by leaving your comment below, on Facebook or via Twitter, or submit an eLetter to the authors at our website.

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