Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Low or Traditional Oxygen Strategies for Preterm Neonates—Which Do You SUPPORT?

There has been much in the news about the SUPPORT trial, which involved enrolling babies in a prospective randomized trial to evaluate different approaches to the provision of supplemental oxygen.

Photo by minder via Pixabay
Kapadia et al. (doi: peds.10.1542/2013-0978) share some results of this trial in an early release study made available this week prior to official publication next month. While the results are certainly well-worth learning about, there is also the ethical issue of whether or not infants should have been entered into this trial in the first place given the uncertainty of the benefits versus the risks of different oxygen strategies prior to learning from this study.

Our own journal Ethics Rounds editor Dr. John Lantos (doi: peds.10.1542/2013-1292) offers a unique and important viewpoint on the controversy surrounding this study also being released this week. Read both this important study and commentary so you can breathe more easily when it comes to understanding what the issues are or are not in this controversial area of newborn resuscitation.

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